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Raul DeLaGuardia is for Paramours. Muscle Paramours. One time again, presents the Real Deal the way no one else can – a biggest competitive bodybuilder, 6 ‘- 1 “, 225+ lbs of active, flexing muscle with attitude! Added: February 20, 2019 Tags:
The MERELY place online on the planet that you’ll see the glamorous, raw, explicit, hunky super muscle angel Christian Engel – the one and merely Heavenly Hunk Added: February 19, 2019 Tags:
Buttmeister Anton Buttone is back for a third go-round, in High definition movie. Added: February 18, 2019 Tags:
Rico Elbaz – International Muscle Chap Added: February 17, 2019 Tags:
It is a idle, sunny, nice-looking Sunday late afternoon in S�o Paulo… and that ‘Palacio’ bad boy Scott Kirby is on the prowl for trouble! See what happens when he invites hunky, big-butted 20-year old bodybuilder Pablo Blades up for some sun, a little oil Added: February 16, 2019 Tags:
Is “Glute-tastic” a word? Well, it should be! Ali Galani is one GLUTE-TASTIC model. This chab may be a little slow, but once this chab starts wiggling his wazoo this chab acquires a large, pleasant smile on his stylish face. This one is for the butt lovers out there! Added: February 15, 2019 Tags:
Competitive bodybuilder Eduardo Correa is stunningly gracious. This fellow also has an awesome physique, packed with taut muscle. And we don’t think you are gonna wanna miss one of the actually outstanding bodybuilder asses of our time! And as part of our Worship-Ed Added: February 14, 2019 Tags:
Street guy, professional exotic dancer, Recent York City urban legend – all describe Ice.A tough boy with plenty of mystery and a lot to sell – if u interest him. Check out. Added: February 13, 2019 Tags:
Fresh fellow Joey Lassiter is one of these lads with a quiet face and a calm demeanor – this chab lets his physique do the talking for him. An ambitious light-heavyweight, on the serious side, we were surprised when muscleman Joey easily assented to become the next Mus Added: February 12, 2019 Tags:
We think Brutus di Fino looks a little like….welll….George of the Jungle. Think about it. Remember that hunky, impressive juvenile vine-swingin’, tree-slammin’ hero? And did not u wanna watch what he had going on under that loincloth? Now’s your chance… Added: February 11, 2019 Tags:
Gordon Burke is our latest and greatest discover! A frisky, wise-guy with a trouble making grin. He’s not likewise big and he is not too little, and with Winter bearing down on us- Gordon sounds like he admirable be Mr. Just Right… Added: February 10, 2019 Tags:
Bruno’s just some other huge and gracious, stiff-cocked, ripped muscleman who’s here to serve your innermost muscle fantasies and rock you to your slobbering hungry whore core Added: February 9, 2019 Tags:
Emilio “Pumped and Hard” Santana came back this fall with all new muscles, all fresh size, all fresh movie scene episodes – and with a two-fisted jo scene that will premiere in his soon-to-be released movie scene, “Pumped and Hard, Part 2″! One thing about Emilio hasn’t cha Added: February 8, 2019 Tags:
Oscar and muscle buddies Gil dela Cruz and Guy da Silva – they spend a precious part of the afternoon flexing and posing together, showing off rock-hard, oiled muscle mass. Massive muscles that hug u close to ‘em, in an steel grasp – as you would hug a teddy be Added: February 7, 2019 Tags:
Impressive Devil, actually. No one who smiles this much, this easily, this charmingly….and this sexily…. could possibly be up to any valuable. Although in Ricardo’s case, this dude is precious. Find out yet another argument in favor of the likely fact that Brazilian me Added: February 6, 2019 Tags:
A voyeuristic dream come true. Join us as we spy on beefy muscle chap Rocky Remington! Over looking the beach from his posh hotel, Rocky tries to scope the scene of the bare beach under. Added: February 5, 2019 Tags:
No one could believe Rico Elbaz’s super-popular episode when we 1st released it in 2002 – for here was a proud, attractive muscle star only too avid to show off his massive, pretty ramrod! Musclemen with such endowments are uncommon actually, and as Rico was tied Added: February 4, 2019 Tags:
Not all musclemen are fierce, and hard, and brutal, and mean. In fact, very petite in number are – but most LOOK that way (which may be the reason you love ‘em!) But on occasion one encounters a indeed gentle huge – tall, shy, gracious, modest, big, quiet. And that’s Added: February 3, 2019 Tags:
If you have ever wanted to be backstage at a muscle shoot – just be a fly on the wall observing the meaty boyz as they inspect one one greater amount in their posing trunks, check themselves out in the mirror and stand about just before the cameras roll – well, you ha Added: February 2, 2019 Tags:
Beefy sex machine Kyle Stevens bares all this week! A thick bodybuilder with a big ol’ bubble booty and thighs that could choke a bear, Kyle Stevens is the flawless sofa boy-friend when the weather starts to turn and the cold air begins to nip. Kyle is a biggest sports Added: February 1, 2019 Tags:
Heavyweight Champion Amerigo Jackson arrived at Muscle Eden on his 1st day, and found his trophy – and his reputation as a attractive, ripped, muscleman had preceded him! Musclepuppy Scott Kirby awaited Amerigo at the front gate to acquire the 1st precious look Added: January 30, 2019 Tags:
Rocco Martin makes his debut! And it is a smashing hit. Rocco is clearly in top shape. packing greater amount bulk than this chab has in the past. This is a entire recent Rocco. Found while jogging on the beach, Rocco has come a lengthy way. Added: January 29, 2019 Tags:
Hardcore beef fans: meet Champion Gil dela Cruz, a biggest super heavyweight mountain of ripped muscle. Gil brings his trophy back to his hotel room, where – isn’t it too bad? – he has to celebrate his victory all by himself: just Gil, his 250-pound physique Added: January 28, 2019 Tags:
One of Mario Borelli’s fans tracks down the hugely dicked muscle monster and supplicates him to come by his hotel to pose, abuse, mistreat, and more. Mario says NO – - but then he hears the terms, and reconsiders…. Added: January 27, 2019 Tags:
Raul DeLaGuardia is for Lovers. Muscle Lovers. Once afresh, we presents the Real Deal the way no one else can – a huge competitive bodybuilder, 6 ‘- 1 “, 225+ lbs of active, flexing muscle with attitude! Added: January 26, 2019 Tags:
A recent muscleman street fellow from….Lex Attila…and here’s a guy with a difference. Tough. Masculine. Powerful. Street smart. Sure, you’d await all that from us….but are you willing for the awesomely hard, round glutes the dude insolently s Added: January 25, 2019 Tags:
Buttmeister Anton Buttone is back for a 4th discharged, and this time he’s into woodworking – if you catch our meaning, if you get our drift – in High definition movie scene, which is just the way the Buttmeister cries out to be captured. And capture Anton is just Added: January 24, 2019 Tags:
Kurt Beckmann returns to with a recent collection of clip movies, making a total of 31 clips accessible of the stunning German Added: January 23, 2019 Tags:
The SOLELY place online on the planet that you’ll watch the gorgeous, raw, explicit, hunky super muscle angel Christian Engel – the one and solely Heavenly Hunk – is right here at Nowhere else. 48 unforgettable clip episodes…144 unparalled im Added: January 22, 2019 Tags:
Fantasy Muscle Dad Hans Hoffmann looks like a trucker, is pumped up like a powerlifter, and thinks like a construction web page foreman – it is all about getting the job done, and with the best materials obtainable (granite, steel, iron, and muscle). A German by Added: January 21, 2019 Tags:
Kurt Beckmann returns to with a new collection of all fresh HD clip videos! Added: January 20, 2019 Tags:
F Sporting an even tighter physique than when we final saw him, Pepe is pushing his body to fresh heights of greatness – with 11 fresh HD episode episodes and 170 all-new SEXY HOT fotos! Bodybuilders aren’t supposed to have knobs this large! It just isn’t fair! Howev Added: January 19, 2019 Tags:
The excellent supremacy of Romanian muscle has got to be the first big revelation of the 21st Century! Who knew that Bucharest could yield muscle dudes to rival Venice Beach? Ustin Galtov’s a long, lean, hard and ripped Bucharest bodybuilder with a bit of a d Added: January 18, 2019 Tags:
Competitive Heavyweight Felipe Gigante pays for his room and board at Palacio Musculoso,by working as groundsman, handling some basic maintenance on the estate. Still, even though this chab receives lonely – and lascivious – Felipe wouldn’t give up his job for the world. Added: January 17, 2019 Tags:
Look out! There is a recent Muscle Daddy on the block. Added: January 16, 2019 Tags:
Kurt Beckmann returns to with a recent collection of 9 all new HD episode videos, making a total of 40 movie scenes obtainable of the breathtaking German. A admirable ally of the Heavenly Hunk himself, Christian Engel, it can now be disclosed that we first gotta know K Added: January 14, 2019 Tags:
Kevin Collins has to be seen to be believed. Added: January 13, 2019 Tags:
Revenge ios pleasing…especially if you are a charming fellow who admires the big musclemen at the gym. Marvelous little Scott Kirby has put on some fierce recent muscle sincxe his Muscle Eden days….perhaps being kicked around by the loves of Amerigo Jackson, and per Added: January 12, 2019 Tags:
Bushy, short tough boy powerhouse Adelio Senna is just the chap you have been asking us to give u! On the beach that guy rassles with Felipe Gigante…and then repairs to a wealthy man’s castle in Rio for a little r & r…and later, there is even greater amount in his hote Added: January 11, 2019 Tags:
It is a JERKATHON that’ll get u as steaming hot as the jungles surrounding Muscle Eden! First, Cock overhears next door muscle buddy Anton Buttone, jerking off over the guys of ME; he’s followed up by Roger Lockman and Samuel Vieira…..and although Wang Added: January 10, 2019 Tags:
Macho Nacho’s back and as always this guy is out to have a nice time for himself! See our most playful DYNAMITE STAR as that guy struts, positions, wrestles, laughs, flexes, plays – and jacks off for all to see! – in MUSCLE EDEN, Episode 12! 13 all-new clip videos! Added: January 9, 2019 Tags:
Gordon Burke and Benjamin Jackson just happen to hit the gym at the same time one day, and after eyeing every other closely whiloe changing into their workout clothing (Benjamin has a special eye for Gordon’s hot butt) it isn’t too long previous to these two musc Added: January 7, 2019 Tags:
Dragos Milovich has a fine thing going. With a fleet of youthful muscle boys obtainable at the snap of his fingers, this chab boasts access to an entertainment posse unlike any other in Eastern Europe. And this includes, of course, 1st Lieutenant Johnny Dirk! Added: January 6, 2019 Tags:
Cowboy Vin Marco hits Las Vegas and makes his way down the Undress…and into your room! Popular Internet Star Vin is happy to accommodate your fantasies of the Wild West as that guy takes you on a muscle journey you’ll both have a fun… for there is almost certainly he’s hav Added: January 5, 2019 Tags:
Down and indecent Muscle-pup Bo Armstrong is our latest and greatest discover! Added: January 4, 2019 Tags:
It’s Summertime and the time for Arts Festivals everywhere…and what greater quantity worthwhile work of art can be discovered than the perfect, symmetrical, luscious musculature of big-cocked Argentinian muscleman Daniel Morocco? Added: January 3, 2019 Tags:
You into Muscle Worship? You like smutty talk? U like your bodybuilders MEAN – who’d just as pretty soon punch you in the nose as let you see their muscles – and their hawt subrigid dongs? That is the Hammer – Troy Hammer. The Destroyer. A bodybuilding competitor wh Added: January 2, 2019 Tags:
Tony’s back and once again, he’s willing to go. ‘Course you know all about the boy’s ripped abs and perfect v-taper shape. But now it is time for our buddy Tony to turn around, back to the camera ….bend over…….and show you just a little greater amount closely o Added: December 29, 2018 Tags:
We flew muscle maniac Macho to Cancun for a little holiday following his final competition, put him up in the finest hotel on the beach – and this chab obligingly gave us all we could have hoped for! Nacho’s X-plosive recent scenes include gazoo close ups! Added: December 27, 2018 Tags:
Fan favourite and Brazilian bodybuilding champ SAMUEL VIEIRA is back! Merely this time this guy needs to relax and receive away from it all. Being the kind of dude that chap is, that man is got connection; and these connections lead him str8 to the seclusion and mystery of MUSCL Added: December 26, 2018 Tags:
Orso Orfeo has heard about MUSCLE EDEN, but this dude wasn’t ready for the admiration of the muscleboys….or so you’d think.This beefy, straight bodybuilder got a big surprise when VICTOR MIGUEL boldly walks into his room and starts flexing and stripping! Is Added: December 24, 2018 Tags:
Ah, the sacrifices of the man toy. Added: December 22, 2018 Tags:
Enzo is an simple going beach bum who feels just as much at home on land as that stud does in the surf. Do not let him fool you, though. Enzo needs greater quantity then a little act every now and then and this chab always seems to find it. Added: December 21, 2018 Tags:
Michael Anthony is one stylish fellow…and he is got one obscene mind, likewise. Rarely have we had the fun of shooting a fellow so into his own physique….and so into his own booty, likewise! Now HERE’S a fellow who’s discovered his prostate…and you’ll desire to get a tast Added: December 20, 2018 Tags:
Lucius Blaque is Dynamite Studio’s resident trouble making bad chap! So we here at urge you to turn away now previous to u fall in love. Cuz Lucius will solely break your heart the way he’s broken the hearts of so many others previous to you. Bui Added: December 19, 2018 Tags:
Benny’s back, and this is one dude who took his workouts marvelous damn seriously…because this man is amazingly large. Shockingly big, in fact….and – we wonder if you remember? Benny was ALWAYS big where it indeed counted! Does a man’s wang receive bigger with greater quantity wo Added: December 18, 2018 Tags:
Orso Orfeo, professional god among chaps, has been all around the world, but now he’s back where he belongs! Larger, bolder and greater quantity admirable than previous to, Orso delivers in 14 all recent Definition episode videos… For the 1st time in HD! Enjoy each ripple and curve Added: December 14, 2018 Tags:
Stud oh Lad, have we got a treat for you. Muscle Dad New Cummer Buck Branson makes his glorious debut on With a BIGGEST TOOL, rock hard thighs, fursuit chest and a BIG GIANT TOOL… Oh expect, I said that already… Buck Branson is one hairy Mu Added: December 13, 2018 Tags:
Now showing: 15 all-new HD clip videos featuring big-dicked muscleman Tito Ortiz! We can not say we’d recommend this special update to anyone, unless of course you are interested in huge muscles, super hard round manly glutes and large, big 10-Pounder, and all ph Added: December 11, 2018 Tags:
Eastern European Junior Bodybuilding Champion Anatoly Demidov is the newest model to sign with With a face like an hotty, a body like a champion, and a performance like an erotic hypnotist, Anatoly Demidov is a precious addition to the worl Added: December 6, 2018 Tags:
Solid muscleman Vinnie de Angelo hasn’t competed yet, but he is on the way – thing is, that guy doesn’t hang with the big lads at home. He’s heard about MUSCLE EDEN, so off this stud goes for a week, where the resident champs just now accept him as one of their own Added: December 1, 2018 Tags:
He’s baaacckk! The sexiest trouble maker of ‘em all, Macho Nacho is back! This time we manage to snag him in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nacho was lascivious to be putting on a show for you in the one and only “Sin City”, and this time Nacho’s taking self-love to a Added: November 28, 2018 Tags:
U can tell at a glance that Manuel Melia’s a happy-go-lucky lad. Final year he was the invited mascot for a big weekend with the large chaps at the bodybuilders-only island resort MUSCLE EDEN…He and buddies Roberto Bueno and MH Star Amerigo Jackson flexed Added: November 25, 2018 Tags:
Gal has the face of…well, an hotty…and the booty of…well, a BIG cutie. WHATTA booty…and now, Angel’s giving you what you wanna see – in CLOSE UP and HD! That is right, in our latest update of the bee-youu-tiful muscle boystud Gal, that man….um. Added: November 24, 2018 Tags:
You’re sitting at your desk. It’s only TWO pm but your mind is already wandering away to your flawless muscle guy. Added: November 21, 2018 Tags:
Tom Anderson the frat guy you always dreamed would give you the hazing of your life. Just 21 years old, Floridian Tom made his way down to Brazil’s Carnaval with his former frat buddy Mike Rogers, ostensibly to join the party, but truly because Mike said Added: November 20, 2018 Tags:
Ever dream of a big friggin’ muscle chap of your own, to play with whenever u please? Big muscles, coming at you on the beach….in your living room….in the bedroom. Waiting for u to jack off and punch and rub yourself against ‘em? A muscleman just th Added: November 17, 2018 Tags:
We’d like you to meet one of the almost all bewitching muscle men we’ve had the fun of encountering in a lengthy time. Added: November 16, 2018 Tags:
Muscle Hunks stud of the Year 2009 Added: November 15, 2018 Tags:
This youthful man is one of our majority popular LiveMuscleShow models… and one look makes it simple to see why. 1st there’s his VERY impressive face, then his stunning body. Added: November 14, 2018 Tags:
Mark Dalton is a country guy, in fact a farm lad from Texas. His Texan slang and his virginal looks might leave a wrong impression though: this farm lad had been around the haystack, the block and – now – the world. During the time that we were taping his episode we disco Added: November 7, 2018 Tags:
Anton Buttone is as wonderful a muscle pup as you’ll ever rencounter…a good-looking youthful guy who is as handsome coming as he’s going. Just added – 14 all-new clip episodes – Anton has to admit he can’t live without being one of the musclemen in a crowd of 7 guys. Added: November 4, 2018 Tags:
What to do on a boring afternoon in a recession-ridden Miami Beach? Leon Jackson has no trouble at all figuring this one out, and neither will u one time you acquire a load of long, lean, flexible and ready-to-stroke Leon. Added: November 2, 2018 Tags:
U wish the hottest Muscleman action? Those are Pro bodybuilders and models who love to show off their hard work just for you. Click underneath now to watch those MsucleHunks stripped, wanking their unyielding and hard muscle knobs! Added: October 29, 2018 Tags:
One more new cummer this week- Greek god Dimitri Popolos! Added: October 23, 2018 Tags:
After spying on a big, massive muscle daddy, muscle fellow Herman heads back to his cabin int he woods, to jack off and try posing just like the huge beefcake this guy saw. That chap pumps his cock to a goey cum explosion thinking about a hot muscle fellow. Added: October 17, 2018 Tags:
Japanese Muscle Lad Ko Ryo Added: October 12, 2018 Tags:
You begged us for greater amount! And frankly, we don’t blame you one bit. Rocky Remington is just the kind of Muscle Stud you’ve been craving – Recent from the stage and overspread in show make up, giving Rocky the image of a golden god, this stud positions for himself, reliving Added: September 26, 2018 Tags:
Dynamite fans may remember young muscleboy Jardel as this chab was being nudged out of the posedown by the bullying, over-confident muscleman Fabio Augusto, in Alejandro Vega’s movie scene “Built for Action” ….Well, gorgeous boy Jardel’s backed – and that fellow is ready to rum Added: September 18, 2018 Tags:
The World Trip proceeds with a super-hot, hot muscle tour to Brazil’s Carnaval! Heavyweight muscleboy Roberto is planning to meet his bodybuilder friends at the Carnaval parade – but this chab has an appointment to keep 1st – with u! Receive Added: September 10, 2018 Tags:
Ripped Latino marvelous fellow, Logan Lewis, is an exhibitionist with a six pack! Added: August 21, 2018 Tags:
Down and messy Muscle-pup Bo Armstrong is our latest and greatest find! At just 18 years old, Bo is baby-faced and crazy to please. This guy is a pumped up little stud with a good couple hanging between his legs. Bo likes to show off and knows exactly what it is u n Added: August 10, 2018 Tags:
Whilst exploring the woods on a warm day, 22 year old Herman Jurado comes across a posing Steve English. Inspired, Herman begins to oil up and put on a posing show of with dreams of hanging with the big muscle lads! Added: August 7, 2018 Tags:
Benjamin Jackson, little brother of MH Stud of the Year 2009- Amerigo Jackson, has finally arrived. Added: August 5, 2018 Tags:
Chewing gum snapping, super pumped, thick cocked, tattooed and arrogant. U know the sort. And u love it. Flint Stoker is the kind of fellow you love to worship. A dude who knows this stud is worth each ounce of worship u need to give him. Lay at his feet. Bre Added: August 2, 2018 Tags:
Hunky competitive bodybuilder Papi Palermo is back with all-new movie scene clips with training partner Lad da Silva, featured at! Enjoy those 2 amazing musclemen as they pose together, cavort, play and wrestle, showing off astounding muscle and Added: July 28, 2018 Tags:
Some dreams are just also precious to keep to yourself. When the 2 SUPERHUNG muscledudes Frank the Tank and Eddie Camacho make a decision to get together to provide a little dream entertainment for you, they’re not just fooling around. And as for Frank – WHAT A Added: July 26, 2018 Tags:
Yet another MH delectable biggest musclepuppy is the chiseled Ko Ryu. Eighteen months agone, that fellow was working like an “ape” in a “famous” Pachinko parlor in Shinjuku. But once we set our eyes on this raven-haired chap with the hard body, thick beefy legs, smooth rou Added: July 19, 2018 Tags:
Muscle Eden – 8 hot muscle fellows, an exlusive and intimate island, and one cameraman.Watch those mostly str8 fellows getting hotter and hotter, and nastier and nastier, as they discover their sexually competitive sides…. Added: June 20, 2018 Tags:
The hugely-dicked, hot-muscled Dynamite Classic star Carlos Botero rocked your world when this chab 1st appeared on the MuscleHunks Shores in 2000….But now, for the first time, you can watch ALL of Carlos! The Latin musclestud’s complete collection is now avai Added: June 7, 2018 Tags:
We’re guessing there’s some boybeef biceps fans out there. You know who u are. You are the lads who happily fall to your knees when some massive musclestud flashes these large guns atcha…..well, ever wonder how they build those large old muscleguns? Meet Bill Added: April 8, 2018 Tags:
Frank “The Tank” Defeo is a down-to-earth kinda boy. The city has its appeal, sure, but as for Frank, this chab prefers to keep it easy and direct. It is true that the body is gym-built, but all that started when youthful fellow Frank split his time between baling ha Added: February 6, 2018 Tags:
For those who think – and want – young, we bring you newcummer JUVENILE and full of what-have-you Mr. Christian Bach. Tight, cute, slightly sneaky, nicely-butted, beautifully-dicked, definitely accessible musclepuppy Christian is wandering the stairwells in Added: December 22, 2017 Tags:

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